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This section is just some 1000-or-so word stories.

I use these on the Smashwords ebook publishing site and Wattpadd free ebook sites as an attractor to The Jetty Journals. Or you can read these free short stories here!

If you are keen on zombie fiction, try the latest addition: Some Days are Z-Days: a humourous take on those waiting for the invasion. Another "modern-gothic" horror story is "So Lucky!" It's not what you expect, but it will make your flesh crawl.

DeutschKurse is about a strange group of people. The Food Boutique is a critical view of the Japanese work ethic. Essence of Vienna is about the clash of cultures, foreigners coping with the Viennese way of muddling through. And speaking of holidays, try being creeped out in the desert, with The bulldozer ploughed on.

Actually, if you are interested in funny/weird holiday writing, you might like to read some of my travel blog. I cannibalize my travel experiences for some of the short stories, so you might see some crossover there. The creepy bit is that the travel stuff is true....!

Travels with Andy used to be my favourite short story. All true. Hi Andy, if you are out there. My current favourite is Close Shave. Doesn't sound like it, but it is a sort of a horror story, and currently the most downloaded one of the set.

Back home, Look what you made me do! is about getting on well with your mother. Or not.

If you've ever worked in a place where the maintenance was really bad, you'll recognise Gothic Monster. Or with an infuriating supplier: try Oops, an argument.

And finally, if you think you still can learn from reading more of this material. try The Secret of Everything.


Stuff to read