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The Jetty Journals Faqs

Here's a few things people have asked along the way. Further feedback welcomed!

Q: Is this book available in print?

A: No. It's done the rounds with publishers. I guess they felt a pandemic virus wasn't topical. I thought about self-publishing, but with an unknown author that's a pretty high risk. The ebook option is a good way to self-publish without pulping 10,000 books!

Q: Why can't I buy this on Amazon then?

A: Amazon only handles Americans...or rather people with a US social security number and bank account. You can buy a copy from Smashwords.

Q: Is this a zombie novel or not?

A: Well! The actual word "zombie" doesn't appear in the book. The ferals don't wander around moaning "Brains, brains!".

I thought it would frighten publishers off, as there is a certan attitude towards that kind of story. I figure it's because zombie fiction that I have read is mostly derivative of recent movies, and publishers don't see it as anything other than a niche market.

Unless you're a Steven King, and can get away with "Cell", which is clearly a zombie-genre book.

Q: How's the follow-up coming?

A: Slow. It's half-written, but I'm stuck. I had it mapped out in my head, but now I'm at the pointy end it isn't holding together properly. It'll get there. The feedback to the first one has been encouraging, and nothing like a bit of positive feedback to get you moving!


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